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Introduce your website quickly and cheaply while being professional.

Website design is divided into two methods based on the site’s specific design and CMS content management system. WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used content management systems for site design, which is done professionally by the Navax team. WordPress is open source, so many people around the world have created a wide variety of features, plugins, and templates for it.

WordPress was initially a simple content management system to build a simple blog. With the addition of various plugins, it made this system a comprehensive system for creating and designing different types of sites such as store site – company site – company site – personal site – news site. For example, the WordPress Store Builder plugin allows you to have access to all possible features in an entirely professional store, or WordPress SEO plugins give you the ability to set all the parameters. You can check your SEO based on the latest Google standards.


WordPress allows you to create websites such as personal websites – corporate website – news website – store website. With the least time and cost. But you should be aware that if your website has complex processes and in the future, the number of your users can increase a lot, you should also consider the option of designing a dedicated website.

Advantages of using WordPress

Faster and cheaper development than dedicated website design

The existence of various plugins and templates allows you to use these plugins to create a website faster and at a lower cost. If you are at the beginning of the way, and your business does not need complicated processes, Navax Studio offers you WordPress.

Simplicity in website management

WordPress has a complete management panel that gives you the ability to manage most parts of your site as much as possible.

Flexibility in design

WordPress platform is quite flexible and can customize based on your taste. By installing plugins and changing the site’s look, you can have a completely responsive and complete website. WordPress sites are also very scalable, so the designer can create thousands of new pages on the site without worrying about its performance. Besides, the site administrator can define different users as a site administrator and apply different access levels to each of them.

Automatic update

One of the advantages of WordPress is that it updates its WordPress kernel and plugins, which can be done entirely automatically.

Disadvantages of using WordPress

Low security

WordPress open source has led to rapid growth in development, but many advanced plugins have security vulnerabilities that may be used by hackers. However, the Navax team is taking steps to increase your website’s security by reviewing the codes and using reputable plugins and free updates.

More plugin low speed

Although plugins can give you many features, on the other hand, the lack of integration of many plugins is not implemented correctly and slow down your website. Also, in some cases, plugins may interfere with each other and disrupt the website.

Low performance on a large scale

WordPress can’t be the best option if you plan to become a great website with many users. WordPress consumes a lot of resources and is not distributable, so many companies initially use WordPress for development, but then turn to dedicated websites to grow their business.

Are these problems are significant for you? You can see another our service is called Custom Web Development.

Navax Studio website design features

Complete responsive design
correct display on all devices (mobile and tablet)
High security
Perform security tests before delivery
SEO optimization
SEO-based coding based on the latest Google standards
Adherence to coding standards
coding based on W3C standards

Where do I start?

If you are planning to expand your internet business and use an official site with a beautiful and different look, completely responsive, optimized for search engines, on a fast content management system, and following the principles of standard design, this is it. Contact us now so that our experts will contact you in the shortest possible time and be by your side until you reach the desired final result.

Steps to do

  • Your needs and requests will be received first.
  • Depending on these needs and comparisons with your business, you will be offered vacancies.
  • Your competitors will be examined.
  • After checking, if WordPress is the best option for your design, the route will continue. Otherwise, alternative solutions will be reviewed and offered to you.
  • Your technical documentation will confirm the final result.
  • Depending on your budget and time, the closest possible plan will be chosen.
  • A list of requirements for implementation is prepared.
  • The final result will be presented to you in the form of a schedule.
  • Based on the general plan, the site is implemented.
  • The data you need to be placed on the site will be received from you, and based on that, the information will be placed on the pages and will be approved by you.
  • All parts of the site are reviewed in terms of structure and security.
  • The final version will be implemented on the test server so that you can thoroughly test it.
  • The final version is then placed on your server and connected to the main domain to be made available to the public.
  • You will be taught how to work with the management panel and its facilities for 5 hours completely free of charge.
  • After the release, we will always be by your side and we will give you this for free with the commitment to fix any bugs and problems.
  • Depending on the type of support contract, we will be by your side in developing and updating your system.
  • Now that your website is fully implemented, you need to introduce it to your customers. Navax Studio offers you complete services in the field of digital marketing and will be by your side at all stages.

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you can easily contact us and use Navax Studio’s advice for free, so that you can be offered the best option according to your type of work and conditions.

Website design with WordPress is one of the services of Navax Studio. We offer you the best option and solution based on your needs.

Using a ready-made template and personalizing, it is one of the ways to design a WordPress site that can be done according to your budget, time, and request. But on the other hand, having a professional team, Navax Studio can design a WordPress template for you in a completely dedicated way. For more information, please contact us.

Website design can have different times based on your features and characteristics. This time is usually less than the site’s custom design. Contact us to find out the exact time of WordPress website design.

The cost of designing a website is calculated based on your needs and the time it takes to implement it. So you need to thoroughly all your needs are be analyzed . Contact us to calculate the price of designing your WordPress website.

We believe that putting in a package can violate the rights of some people because many people need facilities that will not be time consuming to implement, so they may cost less than the cheapest packages. How to calculate prices in Navax Studio is entirely transparent and based on the cost per person. In this way, according to the complexity of your website and the time it takes to develop your value, it is calculated based on the price of the day.

If you have read the above article, the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress site are stated. You can also compare the features of this method with the WordPress method on the dedicated site design page. Finally, if you have any doubts about this, you can contact us and get a free consultation.

You can contact us in the Contact Us section and we will answer any questions.