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The beauty of your business reflects the importance of your customers.

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One of the secrets of permanence in the minds of the audience is to create a favorable and beautiful atmosphere. Just as decoration design can be instrumental in attracting a customer to a store, in the virtual world, up-to-date design and standardization can turn a potential customer into a real buyer. Operational design is susceptible and essential, and any business that depends on the target market, and its customers need to design specific elements and even color psychology. The design should also be such that users of any age group can easily communicate with it. UX is the knowledge that helps you organize your German design structure in such a way that it provides the fastest and most convenient way possible for users to increase their purchase rate. In designing with a focus on detail and using state-of-the-art technology, Navax will provide a variety of services to meet your most essential design needs.

Our different services to you

Web Design (UI / UX)

Today the graphic design of the website has become very specialized, so that by combining the principles of psychology and examining the behavior of the audience, it is an attempt to design pages that encourage the audience to buy. The arrangement of the elements, the color plot, and the call to action are examples of the most critical design parameters that can make your business a stylish and best-selling brand.

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Mobile App Design

If you want to build an application, you should note that the design of the application’s appearance should be such that the user can easily access all the features of your application and be able to use it easily and quickly.

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Logo & Branding

The integrity of your administrative elements reflects your professionalism. Designing a professional corporate identity includes logo design, letterhead design, contract mold design, and so on. By designing corporate identities, Navax shows your professionalism among different competitors.

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People are much more inclined to watch a video than to read a text. Therefore, professional companies use animation and motion graphics to introduce themselves and their products, which are the most important and useful ways to present. Having an expert team in this field, Navax best introduces you and your services to others.

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Navax Team

Design Steps

  • We will first review all your needs and requests. Then we will receive information such as organizational color and your logo, if any, and then we will examine your business, customers and competitors.
  • The overall demo or wireframe, will be designed.
  • Based on the results of the analysis phase, you will be given the initial design suggestions, and if approved, we will enter the next step.
  • Based on the selected color palette, the design is done. This design will be presented to you, and if you need to modify it, it will be done based on the agreed number of modifications, and finally, the output will be delivered to you.

The cost varies depending on the service you request. Please send us your request for a free consultation and price inquiry.

The design time depends on the service you request. The point is, the timing of your announcement may be variable in design because it may change on your behalf.

Yes, to attract more users, expressing content simply, and sharing content in a different post can include graphic content such as photo posts and video content such as motion graphics.

This number varies depending on the agreement at the time of the contract. Since our designers consider features such as user-friendliness, color psychology, and design tailored to your business if the design of the plan exceeds the number of virtual loads defined for the project, the cost of editing is calculated separately.

When our designers start designing, they first interact with the customer during meetings to understand the customer’s suggestion and get to the customer’s desired plan. The customer is provided with the design wireframe, and if the customer does not approve this wireframe, We will not enter the next stage. The number of edits per wireframe depending on the agreement at the time the contract is signed.