Motion graphic

Now is the time to see you.

How to attract an audience for our business?

In order to be able to attract an audience, the first step is to introduce your business. According to recent surveys, it is one of the most attractive ways to introduce the use of video marketing. Also, according to the audience’s feedback on the types of video, the most effective presentation model is the use of animation and motion graphics. Navax Studio creates motion graphics that allow you to transfer the most information to the audience in the shortest time and thus stay in the mind and memory of the audience.

Our different services to you

Two-dimensional motion graphics

Combining two-dimensional images and graphic elements with meaningful motion specifically with music and sound effects, is an attractive package to get your message across to your audience.

3D motion graphics

We combine 3D elements with attractive materials along with navigation in 3D software with attractive music and sound effects to convey your message to your audience.

Fiction animation

The latest marketing and branding trend is storytelling. You can give yourself a special place in the minds of your audience by storytelling and combining it with animation.

Features of our work

  • Writing and producing engaging and creative scenarios
  • Design and illustration with different styles and suitable to your style
  • Applying and designing up-to-date and sophisticated movement and techniques
  • Useing professional spokesman with a catchy voice
  • Useing professional spokesman with a catchy voice
  • Attractive voice acting and sound effects
  • Fast design and production in the shortest time
  • Reasonable cost compared to other styles
  • Troubleshooting and editing until you reach the final output that you want



We first look at all of your needs with simplicity and transparency and identify critical questions such as who your audience is, what the purpose of producing motion graphics is, and how the audience is going to feel.

signing contract

A contract will be written and signed between the two parties following the final requirements and output, as well as the method of payment and general rules.

Scenario writing

So knowing what your needs are, let’s move on to writing a scenario that fits. Since motion graphics are usually short, we write a scenario with a general, fluent and straightforward framework for you. A copy of the scenario will be sent to you after it is written, and the steps will continue if you approve.

voice recording

The written script is recorded in the studio by professional speakers, and the necessary edits are applied to it.


At this stage, the director determines a style for the script and determines what colors to use in motion graphics. It then Decoupages the scenario and splits the text into several plots.


After the script is decoupage by the director, the plans are drawn manually. At this stage, the events in each plan and the movements of the elements or characters are identified, and you see a brief description of the text. The storyboards will be sent to you and will be approved by you.


According to the storyboard, each plan is illustrated by a professional designer in color and style specified.


All elements and characters move according to the principles of movement and its rules. The animation is in line with the story and gives meaning to work.

Editing and voice acting

Animated plans are combined with sound at this stage. The speech of the recorded text is combined with the appropriate music and attractive sound effects, and initial output is sent to you. If necessary, we edit and fix the problems identified by you at this stage.

Final output

If the initial output is confirmed, the appropriate final production with the proper format, technical specifications and distribution platform will be taken and sent to you.