Be seen in the highest ranking of Google.

Your business needs to be introduced and seen in the virtual world, like in the real world. Internet marketing includes different concepts, tools and methods such as site and application, online advertising, social media activity, content marketing, email marketing and of course, marketing through search engines.

Search engines are the most important portal for people to meet their needs in the virtual world, and billions of searches are done daily in these search engines, especially Google search engine. But as you may have noticed, we select the websites we want in the first links of the search results. But how can you achieve such a position among all these competitors?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of tactics and guidelines that, if done correctly, can improve a site’s position in search engines (especially Google), increase site traffic, and drive more traffic.

SEO goals

  • It has a significant effect on increasing website traffic
  • Promotes branding
  • Increase inbound traffic to your website
  • Made the website rank better on the search engine results page
  • Increase product sales
  • The best tool for digital advertising
  • Increases the credibility and trust of your business


Technical SEO
The most important and first factor in the success of a site in SEO is paying attention to SEO standards in coding and website structure. To better understand the structure of your website and show it to users, Google has set guidelines that programmers must use to implement the structure of the website so that Google can understand the structure of the website. These include compliance with HTML standards when coding, site optimization for mobile, increasing page speed, standard markup (Schema) and can be considered as the essential SEO technical factors.
Social Networks
Although the social network itself is a subset of digital marketing, it can play a huge role in your SEO. As mentioned in the previous section, link building is one of the essential parameters in SEO. Now if you share good content on social media that links to your main website and this content is shared by other users, it can be beneficial in increasing your site SEO.
Link building

The quality of the content and the standard coding structure of your website allow Google to understand your content, but this is not enough for words that are very competitive. If all sites follow the content and SEO techniques, Google needs an additional parameter for ranking.

Link building means that Google calculates the popularity of your website by other sites that link to your site, and the more reputable and relevant websites related to your business link to your website, the more popular you are in that domain. As a result, your ranking in Google will increase.

Content strategy

Google is always trying to find the best and most appropriate answer for users by providing SEO algorithms. This shows that having useful content is the first and last goal for Google. Therefore, recognizing the needs of users and responding to this need with complete and orderly content can have a significant impact on your ranking.

Content production requires complete and long-term planning and strategy. This strategy bases on your business sales plan.

The important thing in content production is not just the production of textual content. In recent years, Google has paid particular attention to the video and video content. Visual content such as motion graphics is one of the most effective ways of conveying content that has been considered in recent years.

Do not forget that success in SEO requires a lot of effort and time that can be achieved with long-term planning and strategy.

A significant point in SEO is not always a strategy. This means that strategies are initially planned for the long term but need to be revised and even changed over time, depending on the circumstances. For example, by changing the parameters expected by Google, the overall direction of a strategy may need to be changed. Therefore, SEO is a constant process that Navax Studio will always be with you in this way.

Steps to do

  • First, your business will be scrutinized.
  • The target market and your customers are identified
  • Your competitors will be examined.
  • Your website will be thoroughly reviewed in terms of technical SEO.
  • Your budget will be announced by you every month.
  • Based on the information obtained in the previous step, general planning is created.
  • This program is divided into sub-programs.
  • First, your SEO problems will be fixed.
  • Depending on the strategy and planning done, your content will be loaded at regular intervals.
  • Linking to your content is based on budget.
  • According to the general strategy, other cases are implemented continuously.

SEO is not a specific product but a set of specialized services that can be completely different depending on each business. Also, the way of pricing in SEO is based on the services you request, so SEO is always arranged based on your budget so that you can help your SEO with any budget. Please contact Navax Studio for detailed information on the process and costs.

SEO depends on many parameters. Most importantly: Your previous credibility, business area, competitors, and their level of activity and SEO budget. It is possible to achieve significant success in 3 months in one field, but in another field, it will take more than a year.