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Sell in a neighbourhood or a world, and the choice is yours!

If your business is based on selling products, you must have thought about creating a store website and selling your products online. But launching a store website does not only selling your products! Creating a store website without planning and knowing the market is like running a shop in an empty alley. Every business has specific needs and specific customers and target markets. Therefore, designing a store website should be appropriate for these cases. Navax Studio creates the most convenient online sales ways for you by carefully examining your business and customers.

Comparing an online instrument store with a dedicated store

Today, there are many websites called online store builders that create store websites for you with several templates ready. But if these stores lead to increased sales, why don’t all traditional businesses have an online store? The answer to this question lies in the difference between markets. Online store builders create stores regardless of the specific needs of each business. Still, when you create a dedicated store, we create the most appropriate store processes with a thorough analysis of your business.

On the other hand, one of the biggest problems for business owners is financial management and warehousing in online stores and shops. Shop owners need to change the number of products on their website when selling any product. This problem can even lead to a complete disruption in your business processes when your sales are high. So the Navax team will help you synchronize this type of data by creating an intelligent management panel.

Store facilities

  • Build an online store with unlimited products
  • Build a store of downloadable products
  • Create unlimited product categories
  • Inventory control
  • Has a discount system
  • Manage orders
  • Sales reporting
  • Creating a management account for different people
  • Existence of payment gateways
  • Commodity review system by customers
  • Ability to buy in instalments
  • Filtering and categorizing professional and high-speed products based on available parameters – product group, brand, price range, etc.
  • Designing the purchase route in the simplest way to increase the probability of purchase

Steps to do

  • Your needs are received first.
  • Your business, customers and competitors will be examined.
  • Your offline processes are monitored.
  • This information will be summarized and approved by you as a technical document.
  • We will Design your pages based on the technical documentation.
  • Each page will be approved by you after design.
  • The overall process of your store is implemented based on technical documentation.
  • You will be approved at every step of the implementation process.
  • Upon completion, the steps are technically tested.
  • The source code is being re-examined for security and SEO friendly.
  • The final result is uploaded to the test server and tested by you.
  • After the final test, the website will be placed on the main domain.
  • Navax Studio offers a 5-hour free training course on how to manage a website.
  • Any problems and errors will be fixed by Navax Studio completely free of charge.
  • Updates depend on the contract.

What is the next step?

Your store needs to be introduced and attract customers. In this way, we offer you unique solutions. For details, you can see our digital marketing services.
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