UI and UX design

Stay in the memory of your audience.

User interface or Ui

The interface of a website, or anything that allows us to make a better connection with a product, is called UI. For example, if we want to open a door, we use its handle and without it, the door will be unusable. In the case of the digital world, any possibility that makes it easier for users to use the site is called UI.

User experience or Ux

The experience of users of your site and the good or bad feeling they get from it is called UX. In UX, the appearance of the site is not a priority, but this function is what makes your site stay in the minds of the audience or not, in other words, user experience or UX means looking at the use of the product from the sight of the customers, i mean you should put yourself in their shoes to understand them better; so it can be said that UX has a direct effect on the SEO of the site.

The relation between Ui and Ux

UI can be considered a subset of UX; In fact, the whole product is UX and each part of it is called UI. It’s the responsibility of the UI designer to determine the color and size of the text, as well as the style in which the site content is displayed. User experience, or UX, is the creation of anything meaningful and memorable created by an organization for customers. In general.

UI and UX designs include very different skills that we need both to achieve a great result. A beautiful design can not save an unpleasant and confusing user interface (UI) and a great user experience can be ruined by a bad design in the graphical user interface that causes an unpleasant user experience. Both UI and UX must be implemented flawlessly and in full accordance with user expectations to create a flawless environment on your site.

The difference that can be mentioned for UI and UX is that the design of UI depends on the taste and opinion of the designer, but the design of UX depends on the taste and opinion of the user.

Design principles Ui


Due to the subconscious mental associations resulting from the use of different colors and also their effect on the meaning that is conveyed to the audience, the use of appropriate colors for the site is a necessity.

Graphic design

The art of planning and presenting ideas and experiences with the help of visual content such as images and typography, is called graphic design.


The art and knowledge of using fonts, which aims to provide legible text and prevent the eyes of the audience from getting tired while reading the site. The font type and its size are very important, for example, for more important content, use large and special fonts to attract the user’s attention.

Principles of visual design

Psychology of colors‌

We all know that colors have a huge impact on a variety of design projects and can not be ignored. The goods of a store or the design of a logo or brand, colors can have a direct impact on the audience and their decisions, and also bring a special message to them. For example, if you make a product for women, if you use the colors they like in the design and packaging of the product, it will have a great impact on the recognition and sale of your product. Scientists say that colors can cause negative, positive, or confusing feelings in humans, so you should be careful choosing them.


Elements are graphic symbols that guide users on how to reach their goal on a site. Elements should be designed with simplicity in mind, this does not mean that their design should be simple, but they should be easy for users to read and use. A point to keep in mind when designing a UI is the comprehensible design of elements and their associations to each other.

User psychology

Any site with any specific purpose, should have sufficient knowledge about the target audience because it will play an important role in the success or failure of that site. Users’ motivations control their behavior; Because everything they do, from clicking to shopping, is influenced by their motivation and purpose. The designer must also know how to keep the information he wants in the mind of the audience. Users forget every video they see or any text they read after a while, but the designer needs to know how to keep the information in the audience’s mind and get them back to the site.

Characteristics of a professional team in UI and UX design

Have a complete portfolio

The most important factor in the success or failure of a site depends on having a strong and unique portfolio. professional teams always have strong portfolios to provide to their clients.

Understanding clients

Understanding clients and being fully aware of their needs and questions.

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Top UI and UX trends in 2021

Dark mode

As we spend more and more time with our smartphones and laptops, the dark mode with its stylish and modern appearance plays an important role in the user experience. But the only advantage of the dark mode is not just its white text on a dark background The following can be considered as the benefits of the dark mode :

  • Battery volume storage
  • Better readability of the text
  • Reduce eye fatigue
  • Reduce screen brightness and minimize harmful blue light
Soft UI

The new design in mobile phones, known as soft UI, is a visual style that uses background colors, shapes, gradients, highlights, and shadows; All of this gives the application or mobile environment, almost three-dimensional appearance.


Graphic designers can improve the user experience (UX) by using UI animations. In 2021, photos are expected to give their place to animations because their impact on the user interface and advertising is far greater than photos and standing still graphic examples.