Content production

Take content production seriously.

Why is content production a necessity?

Content production increases your site’s ranking in Google, and when a user searches for one of the keywords on your site in the search engine, and if your website has great quality of content Google will rank it as one of the first sites suggested to the user. The situation is the same in social networks: For example, in Instagram, the more useful your content production activity is, the more Instagram will recognize you as an active user, so the number of visitors to your page and the number of people who want to follow it, will increase. Producing effective content will help you to be seen, and if you have a product or service to sell, it helps you make a good deal on them.

What is content production?

Writing, designing, recording, and creating any content that can be published in different contexts with the purpose of increasing the viewers of your site or selling a product is called content production; For example, Instagram posts, educational articles on websites, podcasts, videos on websites such as Aparat and YouTube, e-books, or so, that we see, hear or read every day in the digital world can be considered as content production.

To-dos for producing an effective content


Targeting is one of the main elements of producing an efficient content, because it determines in which format your content should be produced. Content production can have different goals, including informative, social interaction, selling a product or service, or increasing website traffic.

Audience recognition

Audience recognition is another important factor in content production. In producing content, you should gather some information about the audience, such as: Who exactly is your audience? What is their age group? Which topics are their most interests ?, What format of content do they like the most?; answering more questions like these will help you to provide more appealing and comprehensive content to your target audience.


Strategy in content production means you need a specific Plan to attract the target audience. For example, if your goal is to increase visitors to your website or page, you need to know when to publish your content or how many times a month you need to produce content and put it on your website, etc.; Each goal requires its particular strategy to help you achieve your goal.

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Types of content formats

Text (general, specialized, informative, advertising)

Creating textual content means writing about a specific topic; Which can be produced for informing or marketing purposes, in different formats like sms, social media or email that each has its particular writing techniques, for example, we expect an informational textual content to be informative, useful, practical, exclusive and original.

What businesses are text content suitable for?

You can use textual content in any field you work in, it will have a great impact on the audience; For example, you have created an informative podcast, but if you want to persuade the user to listen to that podcast you can use impressive titles and sentences in textual content or provide a short and interesting description about that.

Image (photo, video, infographic)

These days, the audience is more inclined to visual content, because it gives them the information they want in a short time, and the content producer can provide a lot of information in the form of photos or videos to his target audience.

Who needs to use visual content?

Those whose content they want to inform about or the nature of the goods they are selling or advertising are based on image and illustration. For example, those who have goods such as scarves or shoes or the like for sale and the presence of clear and high quality images play a decisive role in the sale of their products.

Audio (podcasts, audiobooks, audio articles)

Audio content refers to a form that the user can receive its content by listening to it, the benefits of which include the following: In dead times, such as when we trapped in traffic jams, or when we are in taxis, buses, doctor’s offices, etc., those times can be recovered by listening to audio contents, including audio books or podcasts. Another advantage of audio content is that it is possible to provide products and services to blind users without any restrictions; also in some audio content production applications, it is possible to download podcasts and access them without any internet connection.

Who is audio content suitable for?

Those who intend to produce informative content or who want to sell their products or services, in one condition that the ads do not depend on pictures. For example, selling a book online does not require an image and simply mentioning the name of the author or translator and the publications that they are published in is enough to sell them. In the coming years, companies are more likely to need a website, regardless of the type of product or service they offer; Basically, having a site is a kind of need for companies and organizations to produce content and interact with the audience; So in the near future, content production in any format will play a decisive role in attracting the audience.

Given the above, you should realize that producing compelling content is an integral part of the business these days. You sure know that you need professionals with extensive experience in this field to produce compelling content.

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