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We bring you into the digital world today by reviewing your business and competitors and designing a professional website. Your site is the identity of your business in the digital world. By having a website, you can always keep in touch with your customers and offer them your latest products and services anywhere. Don’t lag behind your competitors.

Our different services to you


If you are at the beginning of the way, and you want to introduce your services and products in the shortest time, we suggest using WordPress ready CMS, which saves you time and money.

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There are an individual and complex process in your business that you think you need to have a unique design. In this service, we design and implement your unique process and implement your dedicated website.
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If you have a product that you want to present on a large scale and globally, we are by your side. Having a store website is your gateway to global markets. In this service, we design your store website with the complete facilities that you need.
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The look of your website is the clothes your business wears. Your beauty and beauty is one of the secrets of longevity in the memory of customers. We can give you the key to this longevity.
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Navax Team

The technologies we use

Variety and updating in the technologies used to perform any project and your needs are one of our most important goals.













Web Development Steps

  • We will first review all your needs and requests.
  • Discover hidden needs.
  • We review all doubts and questions and record the final result as a technical documentary.
  • We define the overall design of the project.
  • If you need content, we design a content strategy.
  • We will help you with your user strategy.
  • Initially, complete wireframes are designed based on stated needs and technical documentation.
  • After your approval, the original design will start based on the corporate color and the latest standards.
  • If the plans reach your final approval, we will enter the implementation phase.
  • The overall layout of the site is coded based on your approved design.
  • The overall backend structure of your site is designed and implemented.
  • The two parts are merged, and the communication is done correctly.
  • The codes are reviewed by our experts to optimize SEO and security.
  • You will be notified of the work process within specified periods.
  • After complete implementation, the alpha test is performed to detect and resolve any possible problems.
  • The final display will be sent for beta testing and approval.
  • The final version will be uploaded for public access and the introduction of your business.
  • The steps outlined are not the end of the story, but the beginning of an exciting journey into the virtual world.
  • Then, at all stages, any problems and bugs will be fixed by our team for free, so that you never have to worry about these things.
  • Updates are made depending on the contract and agreement between the parties.
  • What’s the next step?
  • Your business needs to introduce and attract customers. In this way, we offer you unique solutions.
  • You can see our other services to see the details.

The timeline is entirely up to the subject of the project and the breadth of your business and website. After analyzing the experts, the duration of the project is confirmed. What you need to keep in mind is that issues such as changes can affect the timing, so Navax pays special attention to the analysis phase of your website to determine the most accurate time and cost.

Having a website is the fastest way to communicate with the customer, and you can offer your products and services to customers regardless of the location and time.

Website design costs include domain registration fees, web hosting costs, and website design and implementation costs, and support, which vary depending on the domain and web hosting type and the type of design and implementation (dedicated or content management systems). Contact us for a free consultation and details.

Increasing the number of users on social networks has created a suitable and potential platform for introducing businesses. Social media and social media marketing have a significant impact on business prosperity. In addition to the website, social media activity has a positive effect. Navax is proud to offer all of these services.

No, after completing the site design, you need a good SEO that is the best strategy for you to get rankings on the first page of Google according to the type of business and the target market review. Contact the SEO Navax team for more information.

Navax strives to cover all the services a business needs when it comes to the digital world. SEO and optimization, application design and development, motion graphics design, social network management, text, and video content production, including services We present.

It may be one of your concerns, and we fully understand it. In this regard, first of all, the important steps will be approved by you, and the continuation of the work is subject to your approval. Also, since Navax fully trusts its team, it is proud to announce that if you are dissatisfied with the design before final approval, the cost will be refunded in full.

Every business has its needs. Don’t worry if you don’t know which service is right for you. We offer the best service that suits you with a thorough review of your needs.

Yes, you can upgrade your website by adding new features to your website, increasing the speed of the site according to the technologies that are offered every day, and changing the user interface, and so on.

Website support includes things like fixing possible website errors, updating panels, plugins, checking and updating website security, backing up files and information. Maintenance and cost are calculated based on your needs. However, debugging is provided for a lifetime and completely free of charge.

All the necessary training for how to work with the panels and facilities of the site will be taught to the site administrator and all these trainings will be done for free. Our support team is also ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day.

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